I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical, especially as I had heard a lot about the touchy-feely nature of the course. What I can say now is the program changed my life in profound ways. I was not in the least bit conscious of the fact that I viewed the majority of people in my life, from leaders to co-workers to family members as objects instead of people. While it is certainly extremely difficult to realize this, and even harder to accept it, the impact that moment has on you is overwhelming and exhilarating all at the same time. I certainly have a lot more work to do, as do we all, but I can say that Kristen and Jeff have opened my eyes and heart, and allowed me to see people as people and made me a better me, personally and professionally."

Health Care Executive

Our organization has made leadership development a priority, and anchoring our efforts with the assistance and consultation of Overt Resolutions Group has allowed us to focus on elevating performance. The ORG team allowed us to view ourselves as others might see us with remarkable results. They have proven themselves to have the industry range, candor, provocative demeanor and intellectual depth to positively impact and take us a step further in developing programs and a strategic plan for our future."

Health Care Executive

I thought I’d learn about leadership –and I did. I thought I’d learn about my mentors and peers –and I did. I expected to learn new ideas –and I did. It was what I didn’t expect that changed me: a new way of examining human relationships, a deep and honest look at my beliefs and limiting thoughts, and an examination of my biases, habits and actions. Get ready to be encouraged. Be prepared to be challenged. Jeff and Kristen will support you as you learn to become your best possible self. I am, of course, still learning and ever grateful."

Pediatric Physical Therapist/Published Author www.angelacerrito.com

I was skeptical and thought it was simply another Leadership course. Through this program I learned that being vulnerable was not a weakness, but empowering and it improved my work and home relationships. I have learned that by checking my ego and making my conversations intentional that I was able to establish connectivity with my wife, my boss, my coworkers and everyone that I have come into contact with. This program has been unlike any other program I have taken and recommend it to any organization wanting to improve trust and connectivity throughout their organization."

IT Professional

introduces, or realigns, your REAL self to YOU. Once it does that, the artful facilitation and design of the program introduces, and realigns, you to THOSE YOU LEAD. If you're listening, you won't be the same again. If you're courageous, others around you won't be the same again."

Program Director