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Our Work

Poor employee engagement cost the U.S. businesses $483-605 billion in lost productivity each year. The U.S. has the highest medical and medication error rate despite the disproportionate spending on healthcare in comparison to economically similar countries.  Imagine how much money you leave on the table each day? Turns out leaders who nurture the right environment create a profound competitive environment where all staff can flourish. Invite us to provide experiences, consulting, coaching, and implementation programs to engage individuals, teams, and organizations. Our work combines research with real-world experience to help clients create the space necessary to explore the world of leadership and team development. Our aim is to foster learning, maximize performance, and achieve results. Together with our clients we leverage collective wisdom to promote personal growth, increase leader engagement, and improve organizational effectiveness. To see how we bring our methodologies to organizations, teams, and their people, we invite you to further explore our website.

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Our Story

Overt Resolutions Group (ORG) is a close affiliation of executives with diverse skills who come together as needed to work on client projects that engage and challenge us. We are successful busy professionals with robust interests, dynamic families, and a commitment to improve our communities and the people within them. Our founders have more than 60 years working in the healthcare, government, and corporate realm. Over their long journey they worked in both cohesive and hostile environments and came to value three core attributes that are essential for leaders in building high performing teams: transparency, emotional intelligence, and trust. While highly accomplished in their professional careers…their calling now is to assist others on their own professional leadership journey.

Our Philosophy

Our purpose is to develop, nurture, and engage others to allow extraordinary things to happen. We love what we do and the people we do it with. Our goal is to enter our client systems, understand their objectives, partner with them to achieve results, celebrate their success, leave them more empowered than when we arrived, and move on to other clients’ projects.

Our Name

We are ORG. The name of our firm is based on our belief that the single most important and effective tool in organizations is transparency. It is absolutely the essential ingredient for high trust teams, long-term sustained performance, and breakthrough collaboration.

Our Logo

Just like people and organizations, butterflies go through multiple life cycles.  The transformation process of a butterfly is called metamorphosis and the entire four-stage life cycle can take up to a year.  People and organizations also undergo transformation in stages.  Each stage is different. Each stage has a different goal.  Our butterfly logo is meant to represent transformation- it is meant to convey the concept planned change.  The multiple colors represent the rich diversity metamorphosis often yields.  Invite us to join you and your team to assist you in your own transformation.

Our Clients

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Our Founders

Kristen Vondruska

Kristen Vondruska is the Majority Owner and Co-founder of Overt Resolutions Group, LLC. She is passionate about partnering with executives and teams to propel powerful and sustainable organizational change. She brings over 24 year’s experience as a leader of human systems and now chooses to focus her expertise supporting clients in achieving their goals. Her contributions span the non-profit, for-profit, and government arenas. She served as an internal consultant standing up the first office in the Army Medical Department dedicated to individual and collective growth that made meaningful and lasting change possible. As a consultant for The Center for Human Systems, Kristen designed content for an interactive educational application targeted to improve participant recall of course material by leveraging technology and educational principles. She earned her Bachelor’s degree from George Mason University in Fairfax, Virginia, a Master’s degree from the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston, and an Executive Certificate in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership from Georgetown University. 

Jeffrey Peters

Jeff Peters is an Owner and Co-Founder of Overt Resolutions Group, LLC committed to helping professionals have a more influential, positive, and sustainable impact within their organization, profession, family, and community. He holds three master degrees including a Master of Science in National Resource Strategy from the Industrial College of the Armed Forces. Jeff has been partnering with senior executives/leaders on planned systemic change initiatives since 2005 after helping manage DoD heath care integration in the National Capital region. Between 2005 and 2016, Jeff designed and implemented institutional experiential leadership development programs in both the for-profit and government space. These programs were designed to allow participants to explore leadership skills and potential through the development of a community of peers and leaders who grow and learn together through a variety of shared experiences to gain a deeper understanding of their unique strengths, limitations, and personal influence.

Our Consultants


Brandy Boak

Brandy Boak is an organizational development coach and consultant. Brandy has facilitated planned change at all levels of an organization using a systems orientation and action research methodology. Her change efforts have been predominantly in health care and government, while also including non-profit and small business. Passionate about her own transformative learning experiences, she believes intrapersonal and interpersonal skills can change the world. Brandy continues to draw inspiration from working with individuals, groups, and organizations to create their desired impacts.

Michael F. Broom

Michael F. Broom, Ph.D. is an Organizational Psychologist who for over 35 years has helped all types of organizations’ increase their productivity and employee engagement. Dr. Broom is a powerful executive coach, organizational process consultant, and trainer. His philosophy is to work with clients to identify and resolve their own issues, leave clients with higher skills levels than they previously had build high levels of productivity through powerful relationships of reciprocal influence, and empower clients to self-discover their own inherent excellence. He has been a full-time and part-time faculty member of the Johns Hopkins University School of Continuing Studies’ Graduate Programs in Applied Behavioral Science. A past member of the board of directors of the NTL Institute in Applied Behavioral Science, Dr. Broom has chaired that organization’s Transformative Social Change Committee. He was recently on the Board of Trustees of the national Organization Development Network. He also has been adjunct faculty at Georgetown University, American University, Fielding Graduate University, and Morgan State University teaching courses in human and organizational development. Dr. Broom is author of Power, The Infinite Game, co-authored with Dr. Donald Klein and The Infinite Organization which celebrates the positive use of power in organizations. In 2015, he was honored the national OD Network with their Lifetime Achievement Award!

J. Antez Gilbert

Antez has decades of experience leading high performing complex organizations. His passion is developing others and using cooperative and collaborative means to overcome organizational challenges. He focuses on fairness, dignity, and respect in the workplace as central components to meeting organizational objectives while maintaining an environment committed to excellence. Organizations benefit from his expert ability to coach, teach, train, mentor, and motivate others to reach their full potential. Antez places special emphasis on the dynamics, and important benefits of diversity within organizations. He completed 30 years of exceptional service with the US Army. Antez earned a Master’s in Administration and Organizational Development from The University of The Incarnate Word.

Royce Staley

Royce Staley brings extensive experience in a wide range of disciplines to include business, healthcare administration, health information management, medical coding, and team building. This body of knowledge helps enrich his perspectives and empowers him to support his clients in their exploration of leadership challenges and associated solutions. Royce specializes in harmonizing people and processes in the workplace, and strongly believes the key to success is working to support the team to view one another as unique, precious, and human. His deep work in human systems began to evolve from his own personal journey through a relational leadership program offered at a major regional medical center. He holds a master degree Healthcare Administration from the University of Texas at Tyler and is a independent consultant for Overt Resolutions Group.

Krystal White

Dr. Krystal White directs a Leadership Development Program for leaders in the military health community. She is a human systems strategist, developmental expert, motivational speaker, and executive leadership consultant. Her passion is experiential learning, deep collaboration and inspiring others to lead from a holistic perspective. Clinically and organizationally, she specializes in engendering community assets and healthy, high performing teams. She has a weekly radio program and has published numerous podcasts, focusing on positive development and thriving. Kyrstal is board certified as an expert in child and adolescent psychology and specializes in developmental delays and community health. She completed a medical fellowship at Madigan Army Medical Center, has a PhD in clinical psychology and master's of Christian leadership from Fuller Theological Seminary, and a master’s in mind, brain and education from Harvard University