Relational Leadership Program

The Relational Leadership Program (RLP) is an experiential development journey designed to allow participants the insight required to understand self and builds the advanced emotional intelligence necessary to lead and sustain change. RLP is focused on your growth. Participants learn to appreciate how to leverage both positional and relational influence. While each individual’s journey will be different the common result is a profound understanding of one’s unique strengths and limitations. Your growth is stimulated through participation in group-based activities, interactive exercises, and dialogic conversations. RLP is a 96-hour, 12 session program spread over 10 months comprised of approximately 12-15 participants.


Related Testimonials

Fundamentally changed the way I engage with my leadership, staff, colleagues, patients, and even my own family. This training is crucial to bring about meaningful, true and lasting change within any organization. I’ve recently arrived at a new assignment and have already begun implementing the team building skills I have learned and as a result there is a noticeable difference in staff engagement within the organization."

Colorado Springs, CO